Monday, December 1, 2014

Helpful Websites for State Research

Hi Miss B's class!

Here are a few helpful websites you can use to find information about your state:

If you use a search engine (like Google) try: 

  • typing in the name of your state and "for kids". The results will include kid friendly websites, so you can understand!
  • looking for web addresses that end in ".gov", ".us", or ".edu". They will have the most reliable information.

Here is an excellent database that you can use. It has lots of information on many different topics! 

Searchasaurus (you need to log in)

User ID: mcdonough
Password: 03104

** Don't forget to write down where you find your information so you can give credit to your source.**

Mrs. Farnsworth is happy to help you with anything, just ask!

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