Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fisher Cats Reading Challenge

Two Free Tickets!

Students:  List five books you've read this school year. 

Parents/Guardians:  Help your child fill in the required information and sign the form.

If you return the completed and signed form to me, Miss Diniz, by Wednesday, March 5th, I will mail it in.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Library Class Behavior System

Starting this week, we are using a new behavior system in library. It is an upside down stoplight. Green is on top because we want to be on top, the best!

Our crocodile clips will be moved to yellow and then red if students need to be given warnings about their behavior as a whole class. If students do the right thing after receiving a warning, the clips will be moved back to green.

If the class ends library with the clips on green, we will put a sticker on their class reward sticker chart.

10 stickers = iPads for a whole library class with free choice to play any app