Friday, April 20, 2018

I Made Something Strange with My Chemistry Set by Jack Prelutsky

I Made Something Strange with My Chemistry Set
from A Pizza the Size of the Sun
by Jack Prelutsky

I made something strange with my chemistry set,
something all gluey and blue,
something a little like half-scrambled eggs,
mingled with vegetable stew.
As soon as I’d made it, it started to move,
it slid from my bench to the floor.
I knew where it was without having to look,
its odor was hard to ignore.

It bubbled and sloshed as it oozed through my room,
then it started ingesting my toys.
It seemed to enfold them and slurp them away,
while making a blubbery noise.
That slobbery thing had a will of its own,
it snuffled all over the house,
it frightened my sister and panicked the cat
and melted my mother’s bet blouse.

It soon found the kitchen, and after the bread,
the butter and cheese disappeared.
It slopped up the oleomargarine too,
and now it’s grown even more weird.
I’d better undo it before it decides
to try something totally vile.
Right now it’s en route to my kid brother’s room-
I guess I can wait just a while.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bookmark Challenge Winners

Kindergarten - Ayvran

Second Grade - Ethan

Third Grade - Michelle

Fifth Grade - Lily

Online Book Fair Orders

The online book fair orders have been shipped to McDonough. As soon as they get here, I will get them to the students who ordered them.

Thank you all for your support! Enjoy your new books!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Thank you!

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A huge thank you to all who helped during our Book Fair and Literacy Night! Your help was very much appreciated! Thank you to all who attended!