Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Kindergarten Summer Fun Lists

        We've been reading some fun summer-related books in the library. Students have made lists of activities they will enjoy this summer.

Friday, May 18, 2018

More Student Poems

Soft Ball
Sharp, running cleats
Solid, swinging bats
Yellow, flying balls
Bouncy, still bases
Flying, dusty sand
squeezy , grabbing gloves

The Forest
Dancing trees,
Whistling winds,
hiding animals,
singing birds,
beautiful flowers,
peaceful forest.

Crystal, clear water
Colorful towels
Delicious BBQ
Bright yellow sun
hot, dry sand

All Star Tom Brady
Spiking Rob Gronkowski
Clutch Randy Moss
Hero Malcolm Butler
Big Man Dont’a Hightower
Super Bowl Winners
Boss Robert Kraft

Back to the Jurassic
Scaly T. Rexes
Speedy Raptors
Spiky Stegosaurus
Armored Ankylosaurus
Flying Pterosaurs
Long-necked Argentinosaurus
I would see those if I went back to the Jurassic.

School is Out
People scream oh oh oh is this the dream
People grab their bags
The internet lags
School is out oh how cool
How about we go to the pool!
Or lets build with tools!
We are not any fools!
School is out
Lets wonder about
Oh school is out
No one care if we stay home or spend it alone